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Johann Lohrmann Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager

Atlanta based Johann Lohrmann is a Digital Content Manager with a passion for media. He was nominated for an Emmy for the documentary, How I Survived World War II. It explored how soldiers, children and those who lived and served during World War II survived.

His work has appeared on PBS, BET, TimeWarner and online. He recently finished production on the award-winning documentary, Where Wealth Lives: An Exploration of the African-American Economic Experience. It has been green-lighted for national release on PBS.

Johann Lohrmann is a German-American who speaks French. His love for media grew early, and by the time he was fourteen-years old he was writing for Children’s Express-an organization that taught children how to write, interview, and research. There he interviewed sports heroes and politicians.

In his senior year of high school, he produced his first short, An Era of Civil Rights. Later, he would write, direct, and produce documentaries for a PBS affiliate, serve as a media planner and research consultant to media companies, and conduct research throughout Belgium, France, Canada and the United States. His is an entrepreneurial spirit.

Johann is equally focused and driven when it comes to giving back to the community. He volunteered for ten years with an at-risk youth agency, tutored ESL students and used his communications expertise to help organize film festivals, coordinate volunteer events and give lectures on effective research and communications strategies.

He has worked with award-winning marketing agencies including Solar Velocity and Noodlehead Studios. He currently volunteers for the non-profit organization, Hiring for Hope as their Media Strategist. Johann graduated with a BA in Communications from Ashford University. He currently works with Avaxusa as their media strategist. His mantra is – “does it work?” Which ties into a quote Johann chooses to live by:

We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire…Give us the tools and we will finish the job. – Sir Winston Churchill

Want to learn more about Johann Lohrmann and his digital content management work?

Visit his website, and check out his blog, The Media Corner where he discusses the latest in business media. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn. Watch his videos on YouTube.

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