Elizabeth Munson

Elizabeth Munson

Elizabeth is the Executive Vice-President of Munson International. She is proud to be a part of the  Domestic Relocation and International Relocation services offered by Munson International. Elizabeth easily makes companies and families making them feel more at home after relocating to the United States.

A combined sense of adventure, love of learning and new cultures has driven Elizabeth in her work. Her unique ability to combine southern hospitality with an understanding of her client’s native culture helps smooth the transition in what can be a very disruptive time for a family.

Elizabeth is active in several local, national and international service organizations in the Atlanta Metro area. Her service to the community includes:

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Memphis State University as well as a Master’s Degree in Education from Georgia State University, Elizabeth is a pioneer who broke ground for the women in business today.

Contact Elizabeth today to learn more about our Domestic Relocation, International Relocation and Personal Shopping Services.

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